26.02.2020 welcome to our cotee.org web site

31.08.2019 SE Elec Transfer order copy

31.08.2019 EE(Elec) to SE Promotion order copy

29.08.2019 Panel of AEE (CIVIL) to EE (CIVIL)

29.08.2019 RS to Assessment Officer PAR Particulas called for

22.08.2019 COTEE  16 th State Conference New office Bearers and Executive Members list

22.08.2019  COTEE 16 th conference one day CL on 19.08.2019

22.08.2019 Video Conference Facilty

13.06.2019 Minkadhir 2018 December

13.06.2019 Minkadhir 2018 November

13.06.2019 Minkadhir 2018 October

17.09.2018 Minkadhir 2018 September

18.08.2018 Kerala Nithi Notice Model

13.08.2018 Departmental Test Nov 2018 Notification

13.09.2018 Loans and Advances HBA Reduction of Eligibility critiria

13.09.2018 Minkadhir 2018 July

11.09.2018 Minkadhir 2018 August

06.08.2018 Workload allocation staff patter CE letter to day

09.06.2018 Minkadhir 2018 June

31.05.2018 Travelling Allowance Revised Orders

17.5.2018 Minkadhir 2018 May

05.05.2018 Thermal Agititation 22.5.2018 poster model

20.04.2018 Wage Revision donation recovery order

30.03.2018 2018 Circular No 7

28.03.2018 Wage Revision Cotee Donation  form Rs. 1000/-

21.03.2018 Part Time workers pay band reivsed BP No 6

20.03.2018 Minkadhir 2018 Jan

20.03.2018 Minkadhir 2018 March

20.03.2018 Minkadhir 2018 Feb

13.03.2018 Contract Labour one day wages incresed Rs 250/- to Rs. 380/-

03.02.2018 Wage Revision Important Cartoon

03.02.2018 Feb 16th Strick poster

01.02.2018 Joint council letter and prachara Kuttam Feb 6th and 8th

24.01.2018 Joint council letter 2018

10.01.2018 Cotee/Tnpeo Pongal Greetings

10.01.2018 COTEE/ CITU 23rd Jan Strick Degital Banner

06.01.2018 Cotee / CITU Stricke Notice to Board

23.12.2017 Wage Revision Demand Agitation 26th Dec Banner Model

15.12.2017 Minkadhir 2017 Dec

15.12.2017 CLR Urgent Degital Banner 15th Dec

12.12.2017 RWE cadres as per the Court orders today

16.11.2017 Judge V. Kalith poster

05.11.2017 Minkadhir 2017 Nov

31.102.2017 Wage Revision Banner 31st oct

21.10.2017 Bonus Recovery form from cotee 2017

20.10.2017 Wage Revision Revised Proposal 20th Oct

14.10.2017 Minkadhir 2017 Oct

14.10.2017 Minkadhir 2017 Sep

10.08.2017 Minkadhir 2017 August

20.07.2017 22,522 Contract Labour Supreme Court Order Degital Banner model

14.07.2017 RTA Guidelines

14.07.2017 Minkadhir 2017 July

14.07.2017 Minkadhir 2017 June

14.07.2017 Viruppa Maruthan letter to Chairman

27.06.2017 Assessor stuggle notice and banner copy

23.06.2017 869 Assr to IA Allotment order issue June 23rd

20.06.2017 IA to RS not selected list

20.06.2017 IA to RS not selected leter

20.06.2017 IA to RS Selected Name list

20.06.2017 IA to RS selected list and letter

07.06.2017 Adm and otherthan area workload committe

30.05.2017 Cotee Circular No 10

30.05.2017 Work Load proposal

22.05.2017 Cotee CPI(M) State Fraction General Body invitation

16.05.2017 Transport Strick Press news from cotee

16.05.2017 Transport strick  cotee poster

08.05.2017 letter from cuddalore branch

04.05.2017 Minkadhir 2017 May

29.04.2017 D.A BP No 104 dated 28.4.2017

26.04.2017 Arasu Oozhiyar struggle poster model

21.04.2017 Joint council press statement April 21st

10.04.2017 Minkadhir 2017 April

10.04.2017 Minkadhir 2017 March

02/04/2017 April 4th Chennai CITU Rally Toll Free letter

07.03.2017 Circular No 7 New

07.03.2017 Circular No 7 - 2017

10.02.2017 Circular Nos 1 to 4

09.02.2017 RWE Double Channel SNLI Instruction issued

09.02.2017 Minkadhir 2017 February

08.02.2017 Appointed as SN LI Promotion order issued Chennai Central Branch

06.02.2016 IA to RS Suitability 651 Nos

06.02.2017 IA to RS Suitability reports called letter

01.02.2017 Creating of SN. LI and Promotion based on the Helper Seniority BP No 2 dated 1.2.2017

16.01.2017 COTEE Notice

12.01.2017 Pongal Greeting 2017

05.01.2017 Vardha Puyal BP No 606

03.01.2017 Minkadhir 2017 January


31.12.2016 Request Transfer Guidelines Instructions issued

30.12.2016 RS to ATo Suitability Order

28.12.2016 Record Clerk Promoted as Record Assistant Allotment Order

27.12.2016 Experience Counted for considering Promotion as LI - Mazdoor

26.12.2016 Circular No 29

24.12.2016 DPC for Record Asst from Record Clerk -  Constituted orders

22.12.2016 Dec 22 Agitation at HQ Chennai - Minites

20.12.2016 Puyal Nivaranam BPs

19.12.2016 Degital Banner

19.12.2016 Dec 22nd Apattam Degital Banner

19.12.2016 Dec 22nd Chennai Arpattam Vehicle Tool Free Letter

17.12.2016 Letter to Chairman 17th Dec

16.12.2016 Vardha puyal Double Wages and Tribule Wages order

16/12/2016 22nd Arpattam poster

16.12.2016 Circular No 28

02.12.2016 Minkadhir December 2016

28.11.2016 Assessor to IA Seniority list Annexure II

28.11.2016 Assessor to IA Name list

28.11.201 Suitability Report fir Assessor to IA

24.11.2016 Assessors Common Seniority List 

23.11.2016 Circular No 26 New

23.11.2016 Circular No 26

22.11.2016 Decommissioning of ETPS Letter Discussion to Union

17.11.2016 Mazdoor Promotion order latest

04.11.2016 November 8th Arpattam Poster

04.11.2016 Minkadhir November 2016

02.11.2016 November 8th Programme Invitation

02.11.2016 Circular No 24

17.10.2016 TTPS Contract Worker Accident

17.10.2016 Minkadhir 2016 October

17.10.2016 Bonus Poster Transport worker Atharavu

14.10.2016 Bonus 2016 Option to COTEE Members Board Orders

30.09.2016 Bouns B.P. Np 176

30.09.2016 Bouns Recovery Option form

29.09.2016 Circular No 19 and Contract worker Arpattam Notice nagal

29.09.2016 Bonus 2016 Recovery Letter to Chairman 

22.09.2016 TA Internal Selection allotment list 483 Persons

22.09.2016 TA Internal Selection and allotment orders

22.09.2016 Adm Asst. to Adm Supervisor Promotion order 60 person

19.09.2016 Circular No 18 Wage Revision Discussion Details

19.09.2016 October 4th Chennai Arpattam Notice Nagal

15.09.2016 Special Grade Foreman promotion order instruction

08-09-2016 Mazdoor to Helper Order copy

03.09.2016 Minkadhir Sep 2016

27.08.2016 Sep 2 All India General Strike poster 

26.08.2016 Sep 2nd All India Strike Demand 

25.08.2016 Sep 2nd All India Strike Joint council letter

08.08.2016 Prachara payanam Police Permission 

04.08.2016 COTEE 15th Conference at Tiruvannamalai 16.8.2016 Special Casual Leave granted letter

03.07.2016 MINKADHIR July 2016

25.06.2016 Assistant (Accounts) Promotion to Accounts Supervisor Panel

25.06.2016 RS to ATO System Allotment issued for 30

21.06.2016 RWE Staff Promotion 13.6.2016 CE Instuction order

21.06.2016 RWE Staff promotion - High court order - cancelled BP

21.06.2016 RWE 1.6.2016 Order Cancelled BP

21.06.2016 COTEE Circular No 8 and 9

21.06.2016 COTEE 15th Conference Poster

10.06.2016 MINKADHIR  June 2016

07.06.2016 JE IInd Grade to Ist Grade promotion letter to chairman and CEP

31.05.2016 Circular No 6

28.05.2016 Limitation Fixed on the Period of Suspension Board Orders Issued BP No 90 dated 25.5.2016

28.05.2016 RWE Double Channel Promotion Union Discussion - Board invited

27.05.2016 Cotee Office Bearer Meet to Electricity Minster today

20.05.2016 COTEE 15th Conference Reception committee Notice

12.05.2016 Hydro CLR Permanancy Refereing to Tribunel G.O

12.05.2016 Thermal Distribution Quarters A/C Cost Rs. 500/- COTEE Letter to Board

10.05.2016 Instruction for Thermal Distribution Quarters A/C Cost Rs. 500 withdraw order

01.05.2015 COTEE 15th Conference Logo

01.05.2016 MINKADHIR May 2016

21.04.2016 D.A BP. No 80

07.04.2016 Minkadhir 2016 April

29.03.2016 CPIM General Body Meeting April 3rd chennai letter and invitation

29.03.2016 CPIM General Body Meeting April 3rd Chennai

24.03.2016 2016 March Minkadhir 

22.03.2016 RWE Staff promotion letter

16.03.2016 circular No.5

16.03.2016 Circular No 4

04-03-2016 RS to ATO panel copy   RS to ATO Allotment Copy

04-03-2016 JE-II Gr Non Diploma Promotion order copy    JE-II Gr list of Promotees

16-02-2016 Based on our court case the apprentice particulars called for period 2011-2015 see the order copy                                                                                   It is one of our victory for COTEE and TNPEO.

COTEE Circular dated 13.1.16 reg. 28.1.16 and 17.2.16 Agitation


16/12/2015 Chennai North/South region tripple wages      staffs and officers Admin approval order copy

15-12-2015 SC-II Gr to SC-I Gr Panel copy

12-12-2015  Selection Grade Posts –Junior drawing more pay than the senior - Rectification of pay anomaly order copy

12-12-2015 Direct Recritment(AE,TA,Field Asst & Others) BP Copy

10-12-2015 COTEE Bonus recovey time Extension letter copy

09-12-2015 COTEE Latest Circular-Reg Flood,Dec 8 th Strike,Bonus & Membership

07-12-2015 Flood related letters to the Board

12/11/2015 Cuddalore Rain Necessary Meterial, Employees Wage Benefit Request letter

04-11-2015     COTEE Donation letter copy                   Bonus option form

04-11-2015      Cochin Demonstration Accommodation (Stay) Details      PDF Format


02-11-2015  2014-2015 Bonus BP Copy        Ex-gratia Bonus to the Contract Labourers 




24.08.2015 RS to ATO Sutability Report called for dated 22.08.2015

31.07.2015 Assistant (Accounts) Sutability report called for LETTER Dated 28.07.2015

31.07.2015 Junior Assistant (Adm&Accounts) Compassionate Ground Edu.Qulification. B.P.No.4 Dated 27.07.15


25.07.2015 TNEPEO Banner

24.07.2015 TA to JE IInd Grade Allotment Orders   RWE to JE II Gr Allotment order copy

07-07-2015 Cotee Circular and Convention Against Electricity Act all union memorandum copy

24-06-2015 Assessor movement to special gr order copy

30-05-2015  RWE Double Channel Promotion Second Proposal given by the Board

23-05-2015  - Promotion to the  post of Head  Draughtsman from the post of Senior  Draughtsman Allotment orders 

23.05.2015 Tool Free Permission letter

22-05-2015 TANGEDCO – Establishment – Regular Work Establishment Employees – Allowing movement to Selection Grade – Counting of service – Clarification- order copy

25-04-2015 Assessor to IA Allotment order copy      Panel selected and non sel list

22-04-2015 DA BP Copy for Regular Employees

18-04-2015 Asst Accounts Officer  to AO Suitability call for letter

18-04-2015 RS to ATO Promotion order copy

29-03-2015 IA to RS Panel order copy      Annexure        Allotment order copy      Annexure

28-03-2015 Asst (Accounts) to Adm Supervisor allotment order copy

27-03-2015 JA to Assistant(Accounts) Allotment order copy

25-03-2015 Assistant to Adm Supervisor Allotment order copy

25-03-2015 Account Supervisor to AAO Allotment order copy

25-03-2015 Work load post Sanction for Thanjavur EDC     Annexure

20-03-2015  Work Load Post Sanction for Chennai West   Annexure

18-03-2015 Assistant to Account Supervisor Panel Copy

18-03-2015   JA to Assistant Accounts Panel Copy

11-03-2015 Promotion order copy of Stores Officer

11-03-2015  Promotion order copy of Internal Auditors

11-03-2015  Work load post sanction for Madurai   Annexure

11-03-2015  Work load post sanction for Nagai      Annexure

11-03-2015 Work load post sanction for Thiruvarur    Annexure

06-03-2015 Establishment – Preparation of panels for promotion to higher posts - Unauthorised absence of officials for a longer period –Taking strenuous action on the erring officials – Instructions –Issued.

06-03-2015  Grant of notional increment to the Officers/employees who retire on superannuation on the preceding day of increment due date – Orders – Issued.

05-03-2015 Work load post sanction for Namakkal    Annexure

05-03-2015 Work load post sanction for Thirupur   Annexure

22-02-2015 Work load post sanction for coimbatore Metro     Annexure

22-02-2015 Work load post sanction for Dindugal     Annexure

22-02-2015 Work load post sanction for Virudhunagar     Annexure

22-02-2015 Work load post sanction for Udumalpet     Annexure

22-02-2015 Work load post sanction for Tuticorin EDC     Annexure

21-02-2015 Work load post Sanction for Coimbatore North   Annexure

21-02-2015 Work Load Post Sanction for Coimbatore South    Annexure

20-02-2015 RS to ATO allotment order copy

20-02-2015 Adm Asst to Adm Supervisor Allotment order copy

17-02-2015  ITI Direct Recruitment Transfer order copy for perambalur,Tiruvarur,Thiruppur,Tuticorin

16-02-2015 ITI Direct Recruitment Transfer order copy for  Pudukottai,Kallakurichi EDC    Chengalpet,Namakkal EDC  

16-02-2015 ITI Direct Recruitment Transfer order copy for  Karur,Trichy metro EDC     TV Malai ,Nagai EDC

13-02-2015 Work load post sanction  for Tirunelveli  Annexure      Trichy Metro     Annexure

13-02-2015 Work load post sanction for Mettur  Annexure               Salem EDC  Annexure

12-02-2015 Work load post sanction for KarurEDC     Kallakurichi

10-02-2015 ITI Direct Recuitment Transfer order copy for Dharmapuri     Krishnagiri EDC  

06-02-2015 Head Draughts man Promotion/Seniority  order copy

06-02-2015 ITI Direct Recuirtement Transfer orders issued Maduai metro   Erode  Virudhunagar

05-02-2015 Work load post sanction for Krishnagri   Annexure

05-02-2015 Work load post sanction for Dharmapuri  Annexure

31-01-2015 AAO to AO (Adm) Promotion Order Copy         AAO To AO (Adm) Transfer Order Copy

31-01-2015  Junior Asst to Asst(Adm) Promotion order copy

 30-01-2015 Schedule of  Selection of Graduate&Technician Apprentices for TANGEDCO for the year 2014-15 

25-01-2015 Enhancement of ITI Apprentice stipend fron Rs.1970 to Rs. 2800 order copy

25-01-2015 Work load post sanction copy for Chennai South     Chennai North

21-01-2015 Asst Admin officer to Adm Officer panel copy

20-01-2015 Work load Post sanction for Cuddalore EDC

19-01-2015 Work load post sanction copy for Vellore EDC

03-01-2015  Work load post sanction for Kanchipuram EDC         Theni EDC        Ramnad EDC

03-01-2015 Work load post sanction for Chennai/Central EDC    Erode EDC           Perambalur EDC

03-01-2015 Work load post sanction copy Villupuram EDC      Tiruvannamalai EDC       Kanyakumari EDC

30-12-2014 Tirupathur Work load post sanction copy

29-12-2014 Assessor II Gr to Assessor Promotion order copy     Panel copy

22.12.2014 EEFI letter Copy  For BLACK DAY on 23 rd December.2014 to raise nation wide voice of  protest 

16-12-2014 Additional Increment for SNIA date of promotion order copy

11-12-2014 Post Sanction for Nilgris Circle     Pudukkottai Circle   Madurai -Metro Circle

11-12-2014  Creation of Senior AAO and others BP copy

21.11.2014 Internal Selection Category of Driver panel

21.11.2014 Thiruvannamali letters to CMD

30-10-2014 RWE Promotion Board Proposal

30-10-2014 RWE Promotion Double channel Board Clarification letter

29-10-2014 Assistant to Admin Supervisor Allotment order copy

29-10-2014 Driver Internal selection promotion order cpoy

27-10-2014 Stores Custodian II Gr to Stores Custodian I Gr Allotment Order copy

16-10-2014 Remote Hydro/Cavern Allowance-cum-Performance  Incentive for employees working in Remote Hydro  Stations – Release of the remaining 25% of Performance Linked Incentive for the financial year  2013-14 – Regarding.

15-10-2014 PENSIONER FAMLY PENSIONER DA W.E.F. 01.07.2014

15-10-2014 CLR Bonus BP Copy With list of CLRs.

14-10-2014  Bonus BP Copy

13-10-2014  DA (From 01-07-2014) BP Copy

08-10-2014 Asst(admin) to Adm Supervisor panel copy

01-10-2014 HOLIDAY BAKRID 06.10.2014 ORDER COPY

01-10-2014 Assessor II Gr to Assessor I Gr Instruction copy

17-09-2014 IA to RS Suitability report call for copy

11-09-2014 IA to RS minimum service period from 3 yrs to 1 year relaxation BP copy

10-09-2014 Mazdoor to Helper order copy

03-09-2014 Graduate/Diploma Apprentice BP copy     Details of Selection process (ZIP File)

02-09-2014  IA to RS reduction of two year service-Reparesentation copy

01-09-2014   BOAB – Pension – Treatment of DA as Dearness Pay for the purpose of pension to those retired between                        01.06.1988 to 31.12.1995 – Instructions to pension sanction authority to process the application                                      and forwarding      to Audit Branch - Regarding.

01-09-2014  TANGEDCO – Vigilance Cell – Establishment -Indulging Criminal Activities to spoil the image of Corporation                    by certain compulsory retired/Voluntary Retired Officers/Staff – Instructions issued.          

23-08-2014 RS to ATO Panel copy      Allotment Order copy

21-08-2014 Assessor to IA Additional Call for request letter

20-08-2014  Assessor/SNIA-Promotion to the post of IA Suitablity Report called for reg

08-08-2014 Spl Gr foreman Circle wise sanction List    Annexure copy

08-08-2014 Allowing Spl Gr Foreman I Gr BP copy

24-07-2014  Circular for conducting training program for COTEE Members

10-07-2014 LTC Package Tour for TTDC  Revised Tariff orders issued 

09-07-2014 Helper,Helper cum meter reader Fixing seniority clarification

02-07-2014  Mazoor Trainee revision of pay and our representation 

01-07-2014  Field Asst,Assessor and Asst Engineer Trainee -Enhancement of consolidated pay revision order copy 

24-06-2014  Remote Hydro Cavern  Allowance order copy

29-05-2014 Administrative Supervisor to AAO promotion order copy

25-05-2014 Assessor common seniority list during the year (2006-2008) 

20-05-2014 Assistant(Accounts) to Adm Supervisor Suitability report called  for 748 persons.

14-05-2014 Latest circulars posted in Home page of Circular

10-05-2014 Pre revised DA Announced  BP No-22 dt 09-05-2014 From (189% to 200%)

06-05-2014 Asst Adm to Adm Supervisor Suitability report called for 88 Persons 

05-05-2014  Recruitment – Direct Recruitment of 4000 ITI Helper (Trainee) in RWE category in two batches – Fixing seniority –                                                    Clarification – Regarding. 

29-04-2014  Instruction issued for promotion and other issues

24-04-2014 RS to ATO Suitablity Report Called for 155 Persons

11-04-2014 Wage revision certain clarification

09-04-2014 Wage revision 2 nd instalment Payment

09-04-2014 Unearned leave on Private Affearis Clarification

09-04-2014 Enhancement of DA BP Order copy

03-04-2014 Mazdoor to Field Assistant Promotion order copy-Cuddalore Circle

12-03-2014  Part time Worker Wage revision Calculation Working Sheet 

05-03-2014     Mozdoor to Helper Reposting (Tiruvarur)order copy

05-03-2014  ATO Additional post sanction copy

05-03-2014  constitution of RWE  promotion for Double Channel

04-03-2014 Mazdoor to Helper Promotion order Copy

04-03-2014 RS to ATO Allotment order copy

24-02-2014 Technical Assistant Direct recruitment selection list  

24-02-2014 AE Direct Recruitment Selection list 

24-02-2014 ADM Supervisor to Asst Adm Officer Allotment order copy

24-02-2014 ITI Direct Recruitment Allotment order copy

24-02-2014  ITI-4000  Direct Recruitment Allotment order copy

23-02-2014 Assessor II Gr Direct Recruitment Selection List

21-02-2014 ITI Direct recruitment-Welcome COTEE Digital Banner  copy

20-02-2014 ITI Direct Recruitment Selection list of 4000 Persons

15-02-2014 Unearned leave  sanction for Private Affairs BP copy

14-02-2014 Assessor II Gr to Assessor Panel and Allotment order copy    List of Assessor

14-02-2014 Accounts Supervisor to AAO Corrected panel copy

12-02-2014 Head Draughts man to Senior Head Draughts man Allotment order copy 

10-02-2014 RS to ATO Allotment for 20 persons order copy

08-02-2014  Assessor II Gr Tentative Seniority list circle wise copy

07-02-2014 JA/Typist to Assistant( Accounts) Panel copy     Allotment copy

07-02-2014  Filling up of all wireman and CA post based on BP 4 Instruction letter copy

06-02-2014  WR Modification of Grade pay to Assistant and Other categories 

05-02-2014  Senior Draughts man to Head Draughts man Promotion panel copy

04-02-2014  Wage revision Selection grade instruction letter copy

04-02-2014 Wage revision option instruction letter copy

03-02-2014  Wage revision re-option letter copy

01.02.2014 COTEE Wage revision Donation letter.... 

29-01-2014  RS to ATO Allotment Order Copy

28-01-2014  Feb month Minkadhir Special Edition copy

27-01-2014  RS to ATO Panel Copy

24-01-2014  Creation of Assessment officer BP copy

23-01-2014  BP-2 (Part time conservancy worker scale)     BP-3(CLR/Temp CLR payment)       

BP-4 (Minimum service for promotion)    BP-5(Reduction of Trg Period for Helpers)

21-01-2014  Modification of Grade pay for Spl Grade Fore man order copy

20-01-2014   Wage revision unions signed copy

12-01-2014 Wage revision workmen BP   Officers BP    Work Load BP

09-01-2014  Wage revision and work load Draft  proposal copy

01-01-2014  TANGEDCO Wage revision announcement copy    Press release copy 


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